2010 Sligo Festival of Baroque Music

The 15th Sligo Festival of Baroque Music, back in The Model, seven concerts, two lectures and the Baroque Youth Training Orchestra, came to an end with one of those concerts that attract many superlatives, and deserve more, as Kate Hearne and Arte dei Suonatori performed Telemann with such a rare quality of intonation and ensemble playing, and an utterly persuasive sustained energy and musicality.

There was plenty to both interest and please, and there were many expressions of praise for the quality of performance and programming. Numbers were up by 36% on 2009. Despite the recession, the support from funding agencies, from businesses and individuals was strong, and we would reiterate our thanks to them for making it all possible. We also feel we made some major improvements in organisation – particularly with regard to publicity and our new website.

It had been planned that most concerts would have been in galleries rather than the performance theatre, and the fact that these smaller spaces with a brighter acoustic and more sympathetic ambience became unavailable was a pity. We unfortunately had an overrun on the budget.

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