Davide Monti

Baroque violin

Davide Monti, Baroque violinAfter his primary degree from the Conservatory of Parma, Davide specialised in Early Music with numerous professors including E. Gatti, E. Parizzi and S. Richie.

He researches historical practices with the desire of discover the freshness hidden in manuscripts and early prints of the 17th and 18th centuries

Davide’s playing has evolved and developed thanks to the many occasions of collaboration with great musicians of our time, each noteworthy for their own individual approach to music: from Ton Koopman to Alberto Rasi, Michael Radulescu, Gabriel Garrido, from Emma Kirkby to Roberta Invernizzi, Gemma Bertagnolli to Stefano Veggetti, Lars Ulrik Mortensen and Sergio Vartolo.

As leader of many ensembles he is known for his energy and charisma, creating a special sound in an orchestra. He has been leader of numerous orchestras including The European Baroque Orchestra (EUBO), Il Tempio Armonico (which has recorded the complete orchestral works of F.E. Dall’Abaco, the Veronese 18th century composer), Ensemble Elyma, Athestis e Accademia de li Musici, Il Complesso Barocco, Cordia, Teatro Armonico. Furthermore, regarding the depth of research and syntony achieved, he is noted for his work with small chamber groups and chamber orchestras including Accademia Strumentale Italiana, Ensemble il Falcone, le Parlement de Musique and Arparla with his wife, harpist Maria Christina Cleary.

These musical encounters are all precious moments for research and experimentation. This tallies with his development of the idea of the score being a canvas, in which each performance and interpretation is different and in a constantly changing state. He focuses on the Art of improvising; the experience of improvising in Early Music performing practice parallels other branches of “cultured” Art (jazz, theatre, traditional music, dance).

Davide has taught on numerous occasions, giving Master-classes in Japan, Singapore and Australia. He has lectured in Makerere University and in the International University of Kampala in Uganda and he has given summer courses in Italy.

He performed as soloist with the Orchestra of the Arena in Verona in 2006.

He has recorded for many record labels including Agorà, Bongiovanni, Brilliant, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, Dynamics, Naive, Opus 111, ORF, Radio Svizzera Italiana, Sonica, Stradivarius and Tactus.

He performs throughout the world and received great acclaim and reviews during tours of Argentina and Brazil in 2005 and 2006, where he was director and soloist.

ARPARLA has recorded their first Duo CDs on original instruments, after years of in-depth stylistic research. Their first CD contains the Sonatas for violin and harp by Louis Spohr, composed at the beginning of the 19th century and is the first CD of the music of Spohr using original instruments and historical playing techniques. The second CD is a journey through some of the most beautiful sonatas of the 17th century, from Marini to Pandolfi-Mealli, written for violin and basso continuo, using the Baroque Italian harp: the first recording ever employing the harp exclusively as an accompanying and solo instrument. This year Arparla toured Australia to launch their new CD.

In 2010 Davide has also recorded Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for the Stradivarius label.

Davide is currently carrying out research in the form of a catalogue of all sources and documents regarding Diminutions and Improvisation from 1535 to 1800. A further project is a comparative study of all representing codes of the Theory of the Affects which are expressed through various art forms: musical rhetoric, iconography, theatre and dance in Italy during the 17th century.

He is currently using a violin from 1733 from the Italian school, kindly on loan from the Paternostro family.


CD of the Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi
Giudizio Artistico *****A Giudizio tecnico *****
Amadeus, feb 2011

“definitely one of the best versions of the decade ..and for my opinion the most beautiful CD of the year of baroque music.”
guide.supereva.it, 13.12.2010

“…Davide Monti, a violinist of the highest order, who knows how to create a special atmosphere with a profound knowledge of the Venetian Baroque style of the second half of the 18th century. Monti doesn’t imitate the usual period versions, however goes beyond the whole range of stylistic details to give a sweet sound, full but never invasive, an agility and a cantability that at times becomes overwhelming, especially in the slow movements, yet without indulging in excessive languors.”
L’Arena, 31.12.2010

“…which stands out for his personality and sharp discretion: Davide Monti, soloist.”
il Cittadino, 12.1.2011

Concert for the festival “Primavera in Musica” in Verona

“Visionary, to dream for, lyrical, captivating: how is it possible not be to rhetorical when the voice of a violin moves one so? It can be even said to be diabolic,…”
L’Arena, 14.4.2010

Recording of the CD “So mach’ die Augen zu, Allora chiudi gli occhi” by L. Spohr

“these interpretations will be found excellent and convincing, the music being treated with the respect it deserves…”
Spohr Society newsletters 12.2009

“Monti’s violin playing is a subtly balanced equation of power and clarity tempered by subtle phrasing and a singing line that every player of the modern violin should be made to listen to”

“…a clear voice capable of great sweetness, power, attack and directional dynamic.”
Musicalpointers, 16.4.2009

Recording of Concerti Op. VI by Dall’Abaco, Il Tempio Armonico leader Davide Monti
“…intense and moving in the slow movements, in which the noted musicality of Davide Monti emerges (as in Concerto No.2, where the ethereal solo part soars over the pizzicato of three violins without bass).”
Musica, 2.2009

“It is quite difficult to be creative with a group of strings. Il Tempio Armonico do just that […] with a well balanced style, respecting the solo interventions of the first violin…”
Amadeus, 2.2009

With the ensemble Il Traversiere in Athens (Italian music)

“Without doubt, the protagonist was again Monti on the Baroque violin with its unique idiomatic tone quality, the gentle gliding between notes together with its voice-like, lively, and at times caressing, rhetoric. […] but above all the ultra virtuoso «Sonata for violin» VI F. XIII of Vivaldi, attributed to more oestrus by Monti, offered emotional moments of pure euphoria!”
ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ – 31.12.2008

With the Ensemble Il Traversiere in Athens (Musical Offering)
“During the “il traversiere” concert we enjoyed [...] most of all, the idiomatic phrasing and the sound of the Baroque violin which sound is by nature slightly intimate but, in terms of intonation, secure. The “crying- sobbing” sound of the violin dominated as the principal voice giving the “historical” tone to the event.”
Φύλλο Τετάρτης 26.11.2008

Recording of Concerti Op. V by Dall’Abaco, Il Tempio Armonico leader Davide Monti

“The violin solos, by leader Davide Monti, are both sensitive and convincing, such as in the Largo of Concerto Op. 5/1, and Monti is not averse to employing some flexibility of tempo for expressive effect. As a whole, Il Tempio Armonico have a nice body of sound as a group and employ a subtle swinging rhythm in the ensemble allegros.”
www.allmusic.com 2007

“…. best Early Music group….the superb virtuosity of the interpreters is fully expressed by their scintillating vitality and clear and bright shadings…” [ in the music.]. Special mention is given to violinist Davide Monti.”

L’Arena Verona 3.1.2007

Soloist with Orchestra dell’Arena Verona

“he creates an optimal performance, employing a careful use of vibrato, … manages his sound intelligently.”

L’Arena Verona 2.1.2007

Tour of South America: Il Tempio Armonico, director and leader Davide Monti

“…from the musical commentaries made by the leader Davide Monti, a perfect fusion was achieved between the music and the interpreters. The interaction between the soloist Monti, who is a virtuoso instrumentalist of the highest level and effortlessly , never seeming unnatural, the result is a sensitive warmth to his sound. All the emotional richness of the Baroque flourished in the historical instruments.”

La Nacion Buenos Aires 2.8.2007

”Davide played the solo Violin part like a ballerina who gently, now turning to the public, then to his companions, showed the rhythm and melodic line. The playing was extremely concentrated and excelled with rare virtuosity.”

Diario de Cuiabà Brazil 10.8.2006

Il Tempio Armonico

“By now Il Tempio Armonico is an important reality in the Early Music scene. ..brilliant soloists, especially Davide Monti, a volcanic and histrionic spellbinder.”

L’Arena Verona 23.10.2005

Il Tempio Armonico at Valpolicella

“the scores of Cima, Rossi …were used as a pretext to appreciate the extraordinary interpretative and technical talents of the musicians…..infinite amounts of acrobatics and tight-robe walker bowings..”

L’Arena Verona 22.9.2004

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