Maelle Amand-Sitayeb

Maelle Amand dancerMaelle discovered baroque dance while at the Dance Conservatoire of Lorient (twinned with Galway) thanks to the baroque dance choreographer and teacher Cecilia Gracio Mura. After graduating from her dance school, she went to Paris to continue her training and got a grant to study baroque dance in England. She has been trained by famous teachers such as Cécilia Gracio Mura, Béatrice Massin (choreographer of the film The King is Dancing), Ana Yepes (specialized in Spanish Baroque dance).

Her academic teaching led her to start research about baroque dance or “belle dance” as the purists like to call it. She has a Master of Arts from the Sorbonne about eighteenth century culture and is the author of an article entitled: “The Distorted Image of the Dancer”, published by the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society. She is now training as an academic teacher specialized in eighteenth century dance and culture.

She has organized workshops and conferences in Galway about baroque dance and regularly performs at various baroque dance events in Paris and other French regions.

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