The Zingle Zingers

The Zingle ZingersThe Zingle Zingers is a consort of viols brought together by Sarah Groser in 2012.

The name is taken from “A Catch for Three Voices in Commendation of the Viol” by Henry Purcell. In this ‘catch’ (or ‘round’ as we might say nowadays) Purcell describes the sound of the viol in various ways, including “zingle zingle zing”.

Driven by enthusiasm for playing viol consort music together they are a flexible group, since their repertoire encompasses music of between two and six parts, and they also work with singers in programmes of Consort Songs and Verse Anthems.

Before coming to live in Ireland Sarah played in English groups including Fretwork, The Rose Consort and Sonnerie. Each of the Zingle Zingers has also been active in various chamber and orchestral groups, including The Irish Chamber Orchestra, The Irish Baroque Orchestra, Camerata Kilkenny, The Irish Consort, Dublin Viols and The Crash Ensemble.

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