Hereinafter Performance

Of the approach of dance in this performance Marie de La Guéronnière writes:

“When Baroque music meets contemporary live performance, a clash occurs between 17th-century Music and 21st-century art makers.”


In collaboration with Sligo Baroque Orchestra, Hereinafter Performance explores the ideal of Love inspired by the element of tangled love present in Handel’s Opera Floridante. Visual, meditative and engaging, Floridante’s live performance is a journey through movement and meditative exploration of oneself, where classical influences on movement and music, morph with experimental forms.


Made up of visual artist and dancer Kate Wilson, actor and director Marie de La Guéronnière, and dancer Marketa Formanova, Hereinafter Performance explores the development of linguistic commonalities between art forms and the way in which they respond and interact with one another, investigating the relationship between space, movement and music.

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