Martin Doyle

Martin Doyle is based near Liscannor in the County Clare. He began repairing and making Irish flutes and Uilleann pipes in 1979, having originally trained as an engineer and by early 1983 had set up a workshop making flutes. To broaden his knowledge of flute making, Martin spent time studying the German flute maker Johann Joachim Quantz and the English flute maker Albert Cooper. An innovative and progressive craftsman, Martin’s flutes have won numerous awards, being played by champions of the Fleadh Cheoil competitions across Ireland. Many flute teachers both in Ireland and abroad insist that their students have Martin Doyle flutes and they are sought after by some of the world’s finest musicians. Martin Doyle completed his first set of baroque flutes in early 2000. Originally working with African Blackwood, he modelled his baroque flute design on an eighteenth-century Rottenburgh baroque flute. Martin has also made baroque flutes from Irish Boxwood. In 2000 Martin Doyle also began crafting Baroque flutes that are based on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh flute design, he also began making wooden head joints for concert flutes. Martin Doyle’s Baroque flutes are a classic four piece instrument with a register foot for tuning the bottom note. The ferrules are resin based imitation ivory, the single key is handcrafted in sterling silver. The pitch of Martin Doyle’s Baroque flutes is set to A 415 Hz as was typical for instruments of the Baroque Period.

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