Sarah Groser

Sarah Groser first played the viol as a nine year old when her father lent her one to keep her happy while she was waiting to start on the cello. She didn’t play a viol again until her late teens when she heard a viol consort and fell in love with the sound of viols playing together.

At Manchester University she was able to study both baroque cello and viol with Charles Medlam, then went on to Rotterdam Conservatorium to study baroque cello with Jaap ter Linden.

Since her studies Sarah has concentrated on the viol and more recently the violone. She has been a member of the Rose Consort of Viols for fifteen years, Sonnerie for three years and has worked with many other ensembles including Fretwork, Charivari Agreable, London Baroque and the Dowland Consort.

In 2001 Sarah moved from England to West Cork with her daughter Gracie. Since then she has performed in Ireland with The Little Concert, Castalia, the Orchestra of St. Cecilia, and with Sarah Cunningham and Tara Brandel at the East Cork Early Music Festival.