2014 Programme of Events

19th Sligo festival of Baroque Music 26th – 28th September 2014

All concerts at The Model unless otherwise stated

Friday 26th September

2pm An Introduction to the world of Baroque Music – for schools.

Given by Marja Gaynor violin and Nina Treadwell theorbo.

(schools should contact SFBM)

Nina Treadwell and Marja Gaynor will present an introduction to the sound world of Baroque music, by demonstrating a variety of string instruments from the period. Nina plays a range of plucked-string instruments including Renaissance and Baroque guitars and will show the characteristics of these instruments by way of contrast with the early 19th-century guitar, which she will also have available for viewing. In addition, she will demonstrate the features of lute-family instruments, including the multi-string theorbo. Marja will show and play her Baroque violin and viola, explaining the differences between these early bowed instruments and their modern counterparts. The presentation will include short excerpts of various styles of Baroque music.

(schools should
contact SFBM)


Marja Gaynor violin and Nina Treadwell theorbo

Marja Gaynor violin and Nina Treadwell theorbo

7.30pm Opening Reception:


8pm Opening Concert:

Julia Corry Traverso; Marja Gaynor; Violin/ Viola; Sarah McMahon Cello; Malcolm Proud Harpsichord

CPE Bach
Quartet in A Minor Wq 93
Andantino, Largo e sostenuto, Allegro assai

JS Bach
Suite in G Major BWV 1007
Prélude, Allemande, Courante, Saraband, Menuett I & II, Gigue
Sarah McMahon   Cello

Georg Muffat
Sonata in D
Adagio, Allegro-Adagio-Allegro

JS Bach/ CPE Bach
Sonata in Eb major  BWV 1031/H 545
Allegro moderato, Siciliana, Allegro

CPE Bach
Sonata in Bb Wq 65/20
Moderato, Adagio, Allegretto

Paris Quartet No 1: Concerto Primo in G Major



Malcolm Proud & Sarah McMahon

Malcolm Proud & Sarah McMahon

Saturday 27th September

1 pm Lunchtime Concert:

Two Harpsichord Recital: Colin Booth & Yonit Kosovske

Colin Booth and Yonit Kosvske will be rehearsing this concert in Sligo the week of the Festival so the order, and possibly the pieces are not confirmed.


Suite in C minor (based on the Thurston Dart completed version)

Ciacona in E minor (arranged from organ original)

Concerto for two harpsichords in C BWV 1061

Concerto grosso in B flat (arranged Steven Devine)



Colin Booth Harpsichord

Colin Booth Harpsichord





7.30 pm Evening Concert:

At Calry Church

Music from Bohemia
The Irish Baroque Orchestra
Monica Huggett director

Josef Mysliveãek (1737 – 1781) – Symphony No. 27 in A major, F 27
Allegro con brio, Andante, Allegro

Franz Benda (1709 – 1786) – Sinfonia for strings in D
Allegro, Andante, Allegro

Josef Mysliveãek (1737 – 1781) – Violin Concerto in D, F 158
Allegro, Adagio, Presto

Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679 – 1745)  – Capriccio in G major, ZWV 183
Allegro, Canarie – Aria – Canarie da capo, Gavotte, Rondeau, Menuetto –Trio – Menuetto da capo

Johann B. Vanhal (1739 – 1813) – Sinfonia in C, Bryan C1
Allegro, Cantabile, Allegro Molto




Irish Baroque Orchestra portrait-photo by Paul McCarthy

The Irish Baroque Orchestra

10 pm Late Night Concert:

“Gentle love, sweet melancholy”.
Valeria Mignaco
with lutenist Alfonso Marin.

English lute songs by J. Dowland, T. Campion, P. Rosseter and J. Johnson


Come again, sweet love does now invite – John Dowland (J. D.)

Stay Time awhile thy flying – J. D.

Fain would I wed – Thomas Campion

I saw my Lady weep – J. D.

Wilt thou unkind thus reave me? – J. D.

Mrs. Dowland’s midnight (lute solo) – J. D.

When Laura smiles – Philip Rosseter

Sorrow stay – J. D.

Can she excuse my wrongs – J. D.

Say Love if ever thou didst find – J. D.

Rest sweet Nymphs – Francis Pilkington

Flow my tears – J. D.

Cradle Pavan (lute solo) – Anthony Holborne

Have you seen but a white Lily grow – Robert Johnson

Mrs Winters Jump (lute solo) – J. D.

It was a Lover and his Lass – Thomas Morley

Fine knacks for Ladies – J. D.

Now o now, I needs must part – J. D.




Valeria and Alfonso

Valeria Mignaco with lutenist Alfonso Marin

Sunday September 28th

At Calry Church                                                            €18/15

2 pm Biber Mystery Sonatas:

Maya Homburger, violin; Sarah McMahon, cello, Malcolm Proud, harpsichord

Heinrich Ignaz Biber: Nine of The Mystery Sonatas 1644 – 1704

Joyful Mysteries

Sonata I: The Annunciation d-minor
Praeludium – Aria, Variatio – Finale

Sonata III: The Nativity b-minor
Sonata – Adagio – Courente,Double – Adagio

Sonata IV: The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple d-minor

Sorrowful Mysteries

Sonata VI: The Agony in the Garden c-minor
Lamento – [Aria] – Adagio

Sonata IX The Carrying of the Cross a-minor
Sonata – Courente, Double – Finale

Sonata X: The Crucifixion g-minor
Praeludium – Aria, Variatio 1-2 Variatio 3 (Adagio) Variatio 4-5


Glorious Mysteries

Sonata XI: The Resurrection G-major
Sonata – Surexit Christus hodie – Adagio

Sonata XII: The Ascension C-major
Intrada – Aria Tubicinum – Allamanda – Courente,Double

Sonata XV: The Coronation of the Virgin
Sonata – Aria [Variatio] – Canzona – Sarabanda,[Double]

Maya Homburger, violin

Maya Homburger, violin

Sarah McMahon cello

Sarah McMahon, cello

Malcolm Proud on Harpsichord

Malcolm Proud, harpsichord

5 pm Musica Dolce e Stravaganza:
Duo programme for violin and theorbo:

Marja Gaynor and Nina Treadwell

I. Marco Uccellini (c 1603-1680): Battaglia (from Sinfonie boscareccie, 1669)

II. Nicola Matteis (died after 1713): Sarabanda Amorosa – Alemanda – Motivo (Prestissimo)
(from Arie Diverse per Violino, 1676)

III. Henry Purcell (1659-1695): Ground (from Sir Anthony Love or the Rambling Lady, 1690)

IV. Isabella Leonarda (1620-1704): Sonata for solo violin (from Sonate, Op. 16, 1693)

V. Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677): “Che si può fare” (from Arie a voce sola, Op. 8, 1664)

VI. Anon: Paul’s Steeple (from John Playford’s The Division Violin, 1685)

VII. Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741): Sonata for violin in D minor (Op. 2, no. 3, 1712)
• Preludio – Corrente – Adagio – Giga

VIII. Francesco Spinacino (fl 1507): Recercare – Contrapunto primo (from Vincenzo Galilei’s Fronimo, 1584)

IX. G. A. Pandolfi (fl 1660-69): La Cesta (from Sonate a violino solo, Op.3, 1660)

X. Italian Songs and Dances
• Gagliarda (from Gasparo Zanetti’s Il Scolaro, 1645)
• Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643): “Si dolce è il tormento” (in Carlo Milanuzzi’s Quarto scherzo ariose delle vaghezze, 1624)
• Francesco Lambardi (c 1587-1642): “Cupido solo dice” (from the Neapolitan festa a ballo, Delizie di Posilipo, 1620)



Marja Gaynor violin and Nina Treadwell theorbo

Marja Gaynor violin and Nina Treadwell theorbo

7.30 pm Final Concert: Baroque Orchestral Masterworks

Sligo Baroque Orchestra + directed by Therese Timoney

Corelli: Concerto Grosso op 6 no 2
Telemann: Suite: in B flat TWV 55 B7
Handel: Concerto grosso in D Op 6 no 5
Heinichen: Concerto in G Seibel 213



Members of Sligo Baroque Orchestra

Members of Sligo Baroque Orchestra

Festival Workshops and Masterclasses

Colin Booth, renowned harpsichordist and also a harpsichord maker offers:

Bach on the harpsichord: An opportunity for pianists to try their favourite Bach  (or other) pieces on the composer’s own instrument.

The harpsichord is in some respects very similar to the piano, but to play it effectively and in a way that is appropriate to the music of the 17th or 18th centuries it is necessary to adopt a rather different approach, technique and style.  Colin Booth will guide pianists on how to begin playing music whether, solo or continuo, on a harpsichord.

Sligo Baroque Orchestra with help from Music generation Sligo purchased a small Italian harpsichord made by Colin Booth, This instrument is available for students to use, for practice, rehearsal, and performance.

Colin Booth Harpsichord

Colin Booth harpsichordist and harpsichord maker

Introduction to playing the harpsichord:
Part I  Saturday 27th Sept 4.30pm 
Part II  Sunday 28th Sept  11.30am
Join with the Sligo Baroque Orchestra to play Baroque Masterworks under direction of Therese Timoney

Sligo Baroque Orchestra will be performing the final concert of this year’s Sligo Festival of Baroque Music on the 28th of September. The programme includes master-works of the Eighteenth century, music by Corelli, Handel, Telemann and Heinichen and will be rehearsed and performed under the direction of Therese Timoney.

Therese Timoney is former Leader of the Irish Chamber Orchestra, the RTE Concert Orchestra, has performed with many UK-based period performance ensembles and has probably unrivalled experience of Baroque orchestral playing in Ireland. She was director of Christ Church Baroque (later Irish Baroque Orchestra) so was responsible for the foundation of professional baroque orchestral playing in Ireland.

Student instrumentalists playing violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe or bassoon with a standard of above Grade VI are invited to apply to rehearse and perform in the concert. The cost is €30, but some bursaries will be available.

Applicants must be available for rehearsal (Monday evenings during September if possible, and at 4 pm on Sept 27th and 10.30 am on Sunday Sept 28th) as well as the time of the concert – 7.30 pm Sunday Sept 28th.

For more information phone or write to Rod Alston.
Phone: 071 9854122
Email: rodalston@eircom.net

Sligo Baroque Orchestra

Sligo Baroque Orchestra

Violin masterclass with Maya Homburger

4.00 pm Saturday Sept 28th

Students should be at an advanced level and bring prepared solo violin music of Bach, Ciber or Telemann.

Contact Rod Alston for further details:
Phone: 071 9854122
Email: rodalston@eircom.net

50% Reductions in fees are available for under 18s





Tickets can be obtained from The Hawks Well Theatre on-line, by phone or in person; and in person at Ward’s Pharmacy 48 O’Connell Street and at the Festival.

Festival Ticket: €75/60


Children under 12 go free to all concerts. Students 12 – 18 yrs  half concession rate thanks to support from Music Generation Sligo – available at Ward’s Pharmacy, O’Connell Street or at the Festival.

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