2015 Programme of Events

20th Sligo festival of Baroque Music 25th – 27th September 2015

All concerts at The Model unless otherwise stated

Friday 25th September

8pm Opening Concert:


A collaboration between contemporary dance company Hereinafter Performance, vocal soloists Sarah Brady (soprano) and Niamh O’Sullivan (mezzo-soprano), and Sligo Baroque Orchestra with musical direction by Nicola Cleary. www.sligobaroqueorchestra.com
The dramatic programme takes the duets and some of the arias from Handel’s opera Floridante which relate to the love of the opera’s two couples: Elmira and Floridante, and Rossane and Timante.

Interspersed between these arias dancers Marie de La Guéronnière, Kate Wilson and Marketa Formanova explore the world of love in an abstract way against instrumental music also by Handel.

Floridante was first performed in The King’s Theatre, London in 1721. Its popularity is indicated by the number of revivals during Handel’s time at the Royal Academy of Music, but then, like his other operas, Floridante was viewed as unperformable. The first modern production took place in London in 1962; it remains largely unknown – despite some very beautiful arias.

The Festival Opening Reception follows this performance




Saturday 26th September

1 pm Lunchtime Concert:

The Musical Scene in Baroque Prague
Collegium Marianum

Frantisˇ ek Ignác Antonín Tuma Partita C Major
Intrada; Largo; Menuet; Burlesque

Václav Vodicˇka Sonata in G Major Op. 2, No. 4
Largo, Grave-Allegro-Grave-Allegro, Menu

Georg Philipp Telemann Fantasie XII in G minor (TWV 40:13)

Frantisˇ ek Benda Sonata in E minor (L3.60)
Largo, Allegro non molto, Presto

Giovanni Benedetto Platti Sonata in G Major







7.30 pm Evening Concert:

Concerti Bizarri
The Irish Baroque Orchestra
Monica Huggett director

Johann Friedrich Fasch Concerto for flute and oboe in B minor (FaWV L:h1)

Georg Philipp Telemann Concerto for 2 violins and bassoon in D Major (TWV 53:D4)

Johann David Heinichen Oboe concerto in G minor (Seibel 237)

Christoph Graupner Bassoon concerto in C Major (GWV 301)

Johann Friedrich Fasch Concerto for 2 oboes da caccia, 2 violas, 2 bassoons and basso continuo

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for 2 cellos in G minor (RV 531)

Christoph Graupner Triple concerto for flute d’amore, oboe d’amore and viola
d’amore in G Major (GWV 333)




Irish Baroque Orchestra portrait-photo by Paul McCarthy

The Irish Baroque Orchestra

10 pm Late Night Concert:

Dark Harpsichord Music with Colin Booth

Dark Harpsichord Music was first conceived for performance at Dartington in 1995. This atmospheric sequence of music both ancient and modern, is predominantly, but not exclusively reflective in mood. Then and since, it has allowed Colin, more than in any other programme, to demonstrate that the harpsichord is a highly expressive vehicle, not just for old music, but new; not just for beauty and lyricism, but for emotional depth.

Jean Henry D’Anglebert Prelude in G minor

Armand Louis Couperin Allemande in G Major

Liz Lane Tactus (2010)

William Inglot The Leaves Be Greene

J. S. Bach (arr. Booth) Chaconne in D minor

Louis Andriessen Overture to Orpheus (1981-2)

G. F. Handel Allemande in F Major




Sunday September 27th

2 pm Afternoon Concert:

Music for two and viols

Reiko Ichise, treble & bass viols, viola da gamba
Sarah Groser, treble & bass viols


Nina Treadwell, who was to have performed a recital with Sarah Groser on Sunday afternoon, and was also taking part in the presentation to schools on Friday at 1.30pm and acting as mentor with the Ensemble classes, unfortunately has been forced to withdraw from the Festival due to an accident. We wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

We are very grateful to Reiko Ichise (viola da gamba) who has agreed to perform with Sarah Groser on Sunday. Reiko has been a performer at a number of Sligo Festivals, playing with Julia Gooding, with Passacaglia, Floralegium and with Eleanor Dawson. Her playing is always exciting and intensely musical.

Instead of the original programme of music for lutes and viols, Sarah Groser and Reiko Ichise will perform a programme of English and German music for two viols.

Tobias Hume: from Poeticall Musicke-1607
(1569-1545) Sweet Ayre

The Earl of Pembroakes Galiard.
August Kuhnel sonata a 2 no.1. 1698

Matthew Locke: from Duos for two Basse Violls:
(1821-1677) no.7 fantazie,no.8 fantazie,no.9 courant 1652

Johan Schenk Le Nymphe di Rheno. Sonata 3
(1660-1712) adagio-allegro-adagio-allegro-adagio-allegro. c.1700

Christopher Simpson: Divisions for two Viols in F.


4 pm Ensemble Playing Workshop:
Final play through:

Observers are welcome at all classes and workshops, but are particularly invited for a final playthrough by those who have participated in the Ensemble Playing Workshop.



7.30 pm Final Concert:

Boemo Virtuoso: Hana Blazíková – Soprano

Collegium Marianum – The illustrious Morzin Orchestra and the musical life of Prague

Frantisek Jiránek Concerto per il flauto traverso in D Major

Jan Dismas Zelenka Aria: “Orate pro me, lacrime” from Immisit Dominus pestilentiam (sepolcro)

Christian Gottlieb Postel Sonata for two violins and basso continuo

Antonio Caldara Aria: “Pompe inutili”
from Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo (oratorio)

Johann Friedrich Fasch Quartet for flute, violin, violoncello and basso continuo in D Major (FaWV N:D1)

Jan Dismas Zelenka Alma redemptoris Mater (motet)

Antonín Reichenauer Concerto per il violino, violoncello e basso continuo (Rk 20)

Francesco Bartolomeo Conti Aria: “O Virgo gratiosa”

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto per il flauto traverso “Il Gran Mogol” (RV 431a)



Festival Workshops and Masterclasses

Flute Maker Workshop – Martin Doyle
Saturday 26th @ 11am

Martin Doyle is based near Liscannor in the County Clare. He began repairing and making Irish flutes and Uilleann pipes in 1979, having originally trained as an engineer and by early 1983 had set
up a workshop making flutes. To broaden his knowledge of flute making, Martin spent time studying the German flute maker Johann Joachim Quantz and the English flute maker Albert Cooper. An
innovative and progressive craftsman, Martin’s flutes have won numerous awards, being played by champions of the Fleadh Cheoil competitions across Ireland. Many flute teachers both in Ireland and
abroad insist that their students have Martin Doyle flutes and they are sought after by some of the world’s finest musicians. Martin Doyle completed his first set of baroque flutes in early 2000.
Originally working with African Blackwood, he modelled his baroque flute design on an eighteenthcentury Rottenburgh baroque flute. Martin has also made baroque flutes from Irish Boxwood. In 2000 Martin Doyle also began crafting Baroque flutes that are based on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh flute design, he also began making wooden head joints for concert flutes. Martin Doyle’s Baroque flutes are a classic four piece instrument with a register foot for tuning the bottom note. The ferrules are resin based imitation ivory, the single key is handcrafted in sterling silver. The pitch of Martin Doyle’s Baroque flutes is set to A 415 Hz as was typical for instruments of the Baroque Period.

Ensemble Playing Workshop – Session 1
Saturday 26th @ 11am

Ensemble workshops will be given by Colin Booth, Sarah Groser, Nina Treadwell and Nicola Cleary

The Ensemble Workshop allows members of existing ensembles and also individual instrumentalists to have some really expert mentoring from some of the performers at the Festival. Individuals will be matched with others to form a combination for which there exists baroque pieces. Each ensemble will have two sessions, and will usually have mentoring from two performers.

An ensemble can be two or more instruments.

Times may be influenced by number of participants and performer’s needs for their own rehearsal

Harpsichord Workshop with Colin Booth:
Saturday 26th Sept @ 3pm

Introduction to playing the harpsichord for piano students. Colin Booth, renowned harpsichordist and also a harpsichord maker offers: Bach on the harpsichord: An opportunity for pianists to try their favourite Bach (or other) pieces on the composer’s own instrument. The harpsichord is in some respects very similar to the piano but to play it effectively and in a way that is appropriate to the music of the 17th or 18th centuries, it is necessary to adopt a rather different approach, technique and style. Colin Booth will guide pianists on how to begin playing music, whether solo or Continuo on a harpsichord. Sligo Baroque Orchestra with help from Music Generation Sligo, purchased a small Italian harpsichord made by Colin Booth. This instrument is available for students to use for practice, rehearsal, and performance.

Ensemble Playing Workshop – Session 2
Saturday 26th @ 3.30pm
Flute masterclass with Jana Semerádová
5.00 pm Saturday Sept 28th

Participants should have prepared a piece (or movement) of Baroque music for this class, and bring two copies. A chance to benefit from interpretive knowledge of one of Europe’s leading period flautists.

Limited number of places available.

Contact: kinsellalizzie0@gmail.com

Ensemble Playing Workshop – Session 2
Sunday 27th @ 11am


Master-classes and Workshops supported by Olive and Sean Braiden

Observers welcome at all workshops/classes – Free

Contact Rod Alston for further details Tel: 071 9854122 rodalston@eircom.net




Tickets can be obtained from The Hawks Well Theatre on-line, by phone or in person; and in person at Ward’s Pharmacy 48 O’Connell Street and at the Festival.

Festival Ticket: €75/60


Children under 12 go free to all concerts. Students 12 – 18 yrs  half concession rate thanks to support from Music Generation Sligo – available at Ward’s Pharmacy, O’Connell Street or at the Festival.

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