A full programme for the 2017 festival is now available and yet again we are promised a very wonderful weekend of world-class music making: this year featuring Camerata Bachiensis of Leipzig, the music Telemann and music for viols.

Unfortunately fully funding this year's festival will be difficult as, after putting the program together, we became aware that our most important source of support would not be available this year. Apart from attending events, follow the link at the bottom of the page to read how you might help by becoming a patron or sponsor. If you book tickets in advance that will help with cash flow, particularly consider booking a full festival ticket. 

I'm sure that those of you who have enjoyed the wonderful music at past festivals will be sympathetic to this exceptional request for additional support. As you know, all administration is on a voluntary basis and funding is just used to bring world class musicians to Sligo.

Help us reach our Critical Funding level

Sligo Festival of Baroque Music is currently going through some funding problems. If you can offer help in any way please read on...

What We Were Told

There have been so many kind and flattering things written and said about the festival that it is slightly embarrassing – as well as being very encouraging. Below are a few of the comments we have received over the years.

  • What a wonderful festival with performers of the highest calibre and variety in repertoire and opportunities for young musicians to participate… How lucky Sligo is to have this festival!
  • Brilliant!! Converted me to Baroque.
  • Great festival with a wonderful atmosphere and generous spirit. Thanks very much.
  • Fabulous venue, love to see music live especially younger players mixed with more experienced ones.
  • Came down from Dublin to see this concert – the final performance in the 19th Festival and it was worth every mile….Very impressed. Well done.
  • Superb programming, really world class.
  • I enjoyed 3 concerts with wonderful music and met a lot of nice people. I am really happy that I came and I will surely come again. Thank You Sligo!
  • Maya Homburger and Monica Huggett play like angels! Congrats to Rod for a music menu of sheer delight. Loved the joyous music and the superb skill of the orchestra and moved to tears by the Sorrowful Mysteries…
  • A very unique event for us; an absolute delight.
  • Incredible level of musicianship! Fantastic.
  • Lovely music and lovely venue!
  • Beautiful performance, Venue is very comfortable and all is so relaxed.
  • Congratulations. Sligo is very fortunate. Please keep up the good work.
  • A great event! Well organised, lovely, great artists.
  • Love the intimacy and the “learned commentaries” are great!

Some of our corporate sponsors who helped to make this years festival possible: