We're currently working on the programme for the 2018 Festival. It is planned that the festival will focus on the work of Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762) who spent time in Dublin in the 1730s and 1750s and died in the city in 1762, together with music by other composers whose work would have been heard in the city around that time, including  Handel and Arcangelo Corelli, Geminiani’s teacher.  There will also be a focus on German music which would have been popular at the court of Dresden around that time, including Heinichen, Zelenka and Hasse. Keep an eye on this site during the spring for further details.. Stay tuned for updates. 

Also a letter of thanks to all involved in the 2017 Festival from Rod Alston, Artistic Director ...Click Here

Some Photos from 2017 Festival thanks to KDM photography Sligo..

Review of 2017 Festival

The 22nd festival which took place in October, was the most successful to date with almost 600 attending concerts and master classes in the Model over the festival weekend – 25% up on 2016. 

Festival Director Rod Alston was delighted with the quality of music over the weekend, including an impressive performance by the Sligo Baroque Orchestra which is comprised of young Sligo musicians under the able leadership of celebrated violinist Nicola Cleary.  The SBO accompanied wonderful soprano Francesca Placanica in a breath taking performance of a rarely heard cantata Ino by Georg Philipp Telemann. 

The acclaimed Camerata Bachiensis, normally the ensemble in residence at the Bach Museum in Leipzig, gave two concerts, one of which included a particularly memorable performance of one of the composer’s famous Brandenburg Concertos. The audience was thrilled by the performance of baroque dance on Saturday evening accompanied by music of German and French Baroque composers, including Telemann, Handel and Lully. Colin Booth’s lecture / concert of harpsichord music by Handel and Telemann attracted a large and appreciative audience. Festival goers were treated to the rare opportunity to hear very beautiful music written for the historic instrument the viol by French composers, including Marais, Couperin and Rameau as well as the Italian Gesualdo and English composers William Byrd and Orlando Gibbon. Viol players featured were internationally renowned  Sarah Groser and Reiko Ichise as well as young Irish stars Caitriona O’Mahony, Sebastian Adams and Norah O’Leary. 

Our festival is now a highly regarded national event and attracts an enthusiastic local audience and many from across the country who are enthusiastic about early and baroque music.  The voluntary local committee which organises the festival are grateful for local support in sponsorship and attendance.  

Help Support and Fund the Festival

The Sligo Festival of Baroque Music would not take place without the support of smaller and larger contributions from patrons and sponsors
If you would like to offer support in other ways, including providing accommodation for performers, contact the artistic director

(see contacts page for details)

What We Were Told

There have been so many kind and flattering things written and said about the festival that it is slightly embarrassing – as well as being very encouraging. Below are a few of the comments we have received over the years.

  • Impressed at international class and quality of the musicians
  • All very impressive for such a small and tightly run weekend
  • A great choice of performers and their repertoire. It's a great pleasure being part of this experience
  • The music was fantastic
  • The Model is a wonderful setting
  • What a wonderful festival with performers of the highest calibre and variety in repertoire and opportunities for young musicians to participate… How lucky Sligo is to have this festival!
  • Brilliant!! Converted me to Baroque.
  • Great festival with a wonderful atmosphere and generous spirit. Thanks very much.
  • Fabulous venue, love to see music live especially younger players mixed with more experienced ones.
  • Came down from Dublin to see this concert – the final performance in the 19th Festival and it was worth every mile….Very impressed. Well done.
  • Superb programming, really world class.
  • I enjoyed 3 concerts with wonderful music and met a lot of nice people. I am really happy that I came and I will surely come again. Thank You Sligo!
  • Maya Homburger and Monica Huggett play like angels! Congrats to Rod for a music menu of sheer delight. Loved the joyous music and the superb skill of the orchestra and moved to tears by the Sorrowful Mysteries…
  • A very unique event for us; an absolute delight.
  • Incredible level of musicianship! Fantastic.
  • Lovely music and lovely venue!
  • Beautiful performance, Venue is very comfortable and all is so relaxed.
  • Congratulations. Sligo is very fortunate. Please keep up the good work.
  • A great event! Well organised, lovely, great artists.
  • Love the intimacy and the “learned commentaries” are great!

Some of our corporate sponsors who helped to make this years festival possible: