photo by Robert O'Byrne

photo by Robert O'Byrne

The ensemble in residence will be Collegium Marianum of Prague whose members delighted festival audiences in 2015. The programme will include music by Bach and music of the Bohemian baroque.

 Tickets will be on sale soon

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this wonderful festival is organised on a very modest budget with all administration by unpaid volunteers. As well as box office we depend on the support of sponsors, patrons and friends. Our largest single source of funding is the Arts Council of Ireland. If you would like to become a sponsor, patron or friend, have a look at the ‘support us’ section of the website and do get in touch. Above all else, put the festival dates in your diary and book your season or individual concert tickets.

Some Photos from 2018 Festival thanks to Anna Leask, Rachel Webb, Dominika and Kris Manaluk and Lizzie Kinsella

Help Support and Fund the Festival

The Sligo Festival of Baroque Music would not take place without the support of smaller and larger contributions from patrons and sponsors
If you would like to offer support in other ways, including providing accommodation for performers, contact the artistic director

(see contacts page for details)

What We Were Told

There have been so many kind and flattering things written and said about the festival that it is slightly embarrassing – as well as being very encouraging. Below are a few of the comments we have received over the years.

  • Impressed at international class and quality of the musicians
  • All very impressive for such a small and tightly run weekend
  • A great choice of performers and their repertoire. It's a great pleasure being part of this experience
  • The music was fantastic
  • The Model is a wonderful setting
  • What a wonderful festival with performers of the highest calibre and variety in repertoire and opportunities for young musicians to participate… How lucky Sligo is to have this festival!
  • Brilliant!! Converted me to Baroque.
  • Great festival with a wonderful atmosphere and generous spirit. Thanks very much.
  • Fabulous venue, love to see music live especially younger players mixed with more experienced ones.
  • Came down from Dublin to see this concert – the final performance in the 19th Festival and it was worth every mile….Very impressed. Well done.
  • Superb programming, really world class.
  • I enjoyed 3 concerts with wonderful music and met a lot of nice people. I am really happy that I came and I will surely come again. Thank You Sligo!
  • Maya Homburger and Monica Huggett play like angels! Congrats to Rod for a music menu of sheer delight. Loved the joyous music and the superb skill of the orchestra and moved to tears by the Sorrowful Mysteries…
  • A very unique event for us; an absolute delight.
  • Incredible level of musicianship! Fantastic.
  • Lovely music and lovely venue!
  • Beautiful performance, Venue is very comfortable and all is so relaxed.
  • Congratulations. Sligo is very fortunate. Please keep up the good work.
  • A great event! Well organised, lovely, great artists.
  • Love the intimacy and the “learned commentaries” are great!

Some of our corporate sponsors who helped to make this years festival possible: